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Acquiring knowledge in dentistry is a challenge.
Travelling takes time, time is money & while work gets piled up.
We would like to introduce you to a concept we believe in and would like to inspire you with

What don't like

And we are not sorry
Idealized training models, hidden industry advertising.

All the annoying extraneous noise that does little for your work or the day ahead and is just annoying.

The concept for you

Expert knowledge, solutions, personal
1. The expertise
reduced to the important.

2. Individual solutions for your very own challenges.

3. We look at your patient case and solve it together.

Which speakers are there for you?

  • Alle
  • Anatomical splints
  • Function
  • Slavicek
  • basic digital knowledge
  • digital Set-up

Which courses are available?

49,- €

Digital basic knowledge

Attention, this is the German-speaking workshop!

for dentists

99,- €

Anatomical splints

Attention, this is the German-speaking workshop!

for strong teams

Dental CAD
Dental CAM
Dental Scan

Why you should try?

Online courses
save us all time, stress & travel expenses

Without travel you learn skills where you want to use them.
At a time of your choice.

You can easily get in touch with us personally by email!

How does that work?
Just use the Contact form
on the page of the contact person of your choice and we will get back to you.
with an answer from you!

You will always get up-to-date information from top speakers!

this creates a reasonable basis
for the digital world of dentistry. This way you are always well prepared!

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